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Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life

Where do you find true happiness?

The fact is, true happiness is already inside you right now.

So here’s some advice… stop looking for it!

There’s really nothing to look for because you don’t “find” true happiness, you “connect” to it.

Let me say that again; you don’t “find” true happiness, you “connect” to it.

How? By living your true self. When you live your true self, you’re always happy. Why? Because your true self is always happy, always peaceful, always joyful, always loving and always powerful!

If you live your true self, all those attributes become yours forever.

But, I can hear you saying, “Easier said than done, Harv.”

And you’re absolutely right! Because your conditioned, ego mind is very strong. It pretends it’s fighting for your survival, but it’s actually fighting for its own survival.

It constantly wants to rob your happiness and weaken your connection to your true self and your heart, so it can control you.

And that means you’re more likely to live with a lot of anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness, stress, disappointment, frustration, confusion, doubt, upset, worry and fear.

So you never get closer to reaching your full potential in terms of happiness, love or success. It’s a drag, and it’s what most people call a normal life.

There IS a way to live that is totally different than how most people live. It’s living a life filled with true happiness, true joy, true inner peace, true love and true inner power!

I know this because I live this way everyday!

Now, I can’t say I nail it every minute of every day, but for the most part, yes I am a happy, content, positive, optimistic, peaceful person.

But that also does not mean I never have problems, trials, obstacles, bad days, or hard moments.

Because just like you, I AM HUMAN. And these things are part of life.

It’s simply a matter of how I deal with them.

The fact is, before I learned how to master my happiness, my life was ruled by my conditioned, ego-centric, fear-based self. And I didn’t like it, because when I was like that, I didn’t really like me.

And maybe you can relate.

But… I wasn’t willing to live the rest of my life that way. I also wasn’t willing to infect everyone else around me, especially the people I cared about, especially my kids.

I had to learn how to master my fear-based mind, how to connect with my true self, and how to stay there, so I could be happy every day.

And that’s how most people who attain this higher level of life do it. They learn. They learn from masters who have come before them and found true peace, true joy, and true happiness. And they then pass this knowledge on.

There are actual methods, strategies, techniques, principles and rules for enlightenment. And don’t let that word scare you…

It means just what it says; en-lighten, to make light. And in this case, learning to live from the light energy vs. the dark energy, knowing that you have both inside of you.

But this is only the starting point…

For me, it’s my life’s work.

So if you want to have the best life you can possibly have…

And if you want to grow to be the best you can possibly be…

Then you need to learn and engrain the advanced methods and principles I’m about to share with you. Because if you do, the result will be that you are ten times happier than you are right now, and virtually nothing will be able to take away your happiness, your peace and your contentment!

This promise is the foundation of one of the most sacred programs I’ve ever created. It’s called…

Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life

It’s actually 2 courses in 1.

Why 2? Because, these are the 2 things people want most in their lives.

First, we all want to be happy.

But in addition to that, most of us also want to have money, success, achievements, great relationships, good health and the lifestyle we desire.

And why not?

Why not live the absolute best life possible and be incredibly happy while living in a beautiful home, enjoying fun vacations at 5-star hotels with the people you care about?

Why not dine at the best restaurants, drive a beautiful car, send your kids to the best schools and colleges, attract the right people into your life, write a best-selling book, create a super fit and healthy body for yourself…

Or have and do anything… all while being completely 100% happy!

Now, let me be clear…

None of these things are going to MAKE you happy, but they are wonderful add-ons that make your journey through life an even more magnificent experience.

And none of these things are going to fall in your lap either. You have to create them.

So how do you get what you want in life, and do it with happiness and ease, instead of stress and struggle?

Well, that’s why I created this course!

And while I do, you’ll discover some key principles for happiness and manifestation that you can begin to use in your life immediately.

And one more thing… you should know this information totally changed my life, and I 100% believe it will also change yours!

In fact, the very first time I taught this course, every student in the room was blown away. And every single person came up to me afterwards and said it was the most profound information they’d heard in their entire lives. Some with tears in their eyes.

So it’s my honor to share this material with you now because I know how life-changing it is.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll learn. As I mentioned, it’s 2 courses, so it has 2 parts.

As I said earlier, happiness is a natural part of your True Self. The problem is how to get there, how to stay there, and most importantly how to come back to your True Self when the ego mind takes over.

So one of the most critical things you’ll learn is a simple but powerful, 4-step technique to return to your true self when you leave it, which for most of us is pretty often.

This whole technique only takes less than 5 seconds and it will get you to be able to access what I call your ‘inner wizard’ at will.

You’ll also learn what to do when the crap hits the fan and chaos erupts in your life, and when people around you are negative.

I’ll show you how to create your inner sanctuary. You’ll learn exactly where your sanctuary is, and how to seek protection when you need it most. This will help you weather any storm.

And the best part is, when you come out of your sanctuary, you’re a new person! And here’s the magic, when you come out of your sanctuary, not only are you a new person, there’s a good chance the situation around you will be new as well.

Do you ever feel frustrated? Ever feel confused or indecisive? Do you ever doubt yourself or others? Do you worry? Do you stress about stuff that’s happening, or might happen?

The fact is, all these words mean the same thing! In my Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life program, you’ll not only recognize what they are, but more importantly, learn how to dissipate these feelings instantly.

I’ll teach you a principle that is critical to your happiness: All pain comes from resistance to what is.

Yes, Buddha and other enlightened masters taught us that the answer to resistance is acceptance.

Acceptance is one of the keys of personal development. And what I’ve learned about this principle is the next level, and it’s 10 times more powerful than acceptance by itself.

I’ve never heard it taught in any school, in any book or in any other courses. When I reveal it, you’ll be blown away. And if you’re like me, you’ll use this principle at least 10 times a day for as long as you live. And if you do, I promise that basically every day of your life will be amazing.

You’ll also learn that your own mind can be your worst enemy. I’ll teach you strategies to calm your mind, including several advanced ones, like using anchored mottos.

Mottos are specific words you say in your mind when it’s giving you grief. And the reason it’s so effective is because these words are tailored specifically for you, to work on your mind.

Another important secret to being happy and peaceful is aligning with what the Universe wants for you. That may sound weird for some of you, but if you do it, your life will become very easy. If you fight it, your life will be hard.

So how do you know exactly what the Universe wants for you? Well, the Universe makes it incredibly obvious, yet 95% of people don’t know what to look for, so they miss it.

When you learn this, it will resonate so deeply within you there’s a good chance your life will never be the same again.

This is a biggie.

You’ll learn to stop struggling. You’ll learn what struggle actually is, where you got it, why you do it and most importantly, you’ll learn how to let go of it and instead do everything with a sense of ease and joy, good or good?

This is something that most people would pay a million dollars for. And I’m not kidding or exaggerating. Yes, by the end of this course, you’ll never have a “problem” again. Period.

Hard to believe, right? That’s what I thought too, but experiencing is believing. And you’ll see for yourself.

So that’s only part 1!

Let’s get to part 2 of the program;

First, you’ll get an amazingly simple, 5-step template for manifesting whatever you want. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and let it guide you every step of the way.

For example, step 1 is clarity. You see, it’s almost impossible to create what you want when you’re not clear on exactly what you want.

The number one reason most people don’t GET what they want is because they don’t really KNOW what they want.

Lack of clarity is a huge problem for most people, and they don’t even realize it. In this course, you’ll learn how to overcome issues like this, and the results will astound you!

You’ll learn why attachment to getting what you want usually leads to disaster; mentally, emotionally and physically. In my program you’ll learn how to “let go” of attachment and what to replace it with, so you not only get what you want, but get it faster and easier.

Everyone wants good things to come into their life. But did you know that most people actually repel those things?

They repel success, money, love and even their health. It’s sad, but many of us do this all day long and then wonder why we don’t have the life we want.

Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore. In my course, you’ll learn how you too may be repelling what you want. And once you recognize what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it, it’s like burning your hand on a stove. You’ll never do it again!

There are strategies, techniques, rules and laws to get exactly what you want in your life. One of them is the Law of Entrainment. It’s a foundational law of the Universe, yet hardly anyone knows about it.

Which is too bad because it’s a key to manifestation. And in my course you’ll learn how to use this powerful principle to bring what you want, and who you want in your life.

Most of us continue to hold on to people, activities, habits and things that don’t serve us well anymore. Regardless of why, it’s a much bigger problem than you think.

But listen closely, holding on to the old prevents you from getting the new. In this course, you’ll do a life-changing exercise that will free you up and make space for what you really want in your life today.

You might agree that having good relationships is important for happiness. Yet getting along with others is not always easy, especially with those closest to you.

And one reason is that we don’t fully understand these people. In my course, you’ll learn a simple, 9-word rule that allows you to learn more about a person in 10 seconds than their family and friends might know after 20 or 30 years.

Let’s talk about luck. The definition of luck is “success brought by chance rather than through one’s actions.” And, we all like to have luck!

The fact is, luck can make you or break you. I know it sounds crazy, but in my Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life program you’ll learn how to become lucky. And it will radically change your life!

You’ll also learn how attracting the right people can make your life amazing in terms of love, friendship and success. And attracting the wrong people can destroy your life.

In my course, you’ll learn the secret to bringing the right people into your life. This process has been a blessing for me, and it will be a blessing for you too.

I’ll also teach you a principle of success called C.A.C. And you’ll use it every day of your life.

Finally… do you believe in miracles? Either way, would you love to have miracles happen for you? I can tell you that miracles are real. But right now there’s a good chance you’re blocking them from happening.

In my program, you’ll learn the one thing you have to STOP doing and the one thing you have to START doing to create constant miracles in your life.

  • You’ll have less fear and worry.
  • You’ll have less anxiety, and feel less stressed.
  • You’ll feel less irritable and angry.
  • You’ll feel less overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • You’ll have less confusion and indecisiveness.
  • You’ll be less reactive. Things won’t trigger you like they used to.
  • You’ll be less upset when things don’t go your way.
  • And things that bothered you before won’t bother you at all.
  • And what other people see as a problem, you’ll see as no problem.


  • You’ll be a lot happier.
  • And when you disconnect from your happiness, you’ll be able to return to it quickly.
  • You’ll feel lighter and more free.
  • You’ll be more easy going and have more fun.
  • You’ll smile and laugh more.
  • You’ll feel more peaceful.
  • You’ll be more patient.
  • You’ll be more kind and loving.
  • You’ll understand yourself and other people better.
  • And maybe for the first time, you’ll truly love yourself, be your own best friend and treat yourself better.
  • All your relationships will be better. People will want to be around you more.
  • You’ll feel more connected to spirit because you’ll BE more connected to it.
  • You’ll be more aligned with the Universe, and allow it to work for you instead of against you.
  • You’ll be more in tune with your intuition, and use it to make faster and better decisions.
  • You’ll trust yourself more.
  • You’ll become lucky. Miracles will occur for you!

Bottom line, you’ll be able to turn your dreams into reality.

I told you this is truly a life-changing course!

And you know what, most people spend a LIFETIME chasing all this happiness and peace.

I have it ready for you.

And as I said, this knowledge completely changed my own life, and also the lives of thousands of other people around the world.

“Harv, you never claimed to be a guru but you are one to me. I’ve spent over 40 years meditating, chanting, visualizing, doing spiritual retreats, and taking every Law of Attraction course that has ever existed. All I can say is thank you. I got more real world knowledge in this program than the past 40 years all combined. I’m using it and OMG, it actually works.”

– Kathy H.

“The most important thing I got from this course is that I no longer live in my fear-based, reactive mode. It’s amazing for me to watch myself stay calm and centered when someone or something is pushing my buttons. I used to get triggered in a nanosecond. Now I use the techniques and literally nothing bothers me. I am a completely different person, living a completely different life. And best of all it’s positively affecting everyone around me, especially my husband and my kids.”

– Marie P.

“This course was the most powerful learning experience I ever had. The best of the best seminars all over the world and no other program comes close to this in terms of fulfilling its promise to the letter. I’m manifesting literally everything I choose and doing it with ease instead of stress. I’m now achieving incredible success and more importantly, I’m truly happy.

– Teri B.

Taking this program was the most amazing, enlightening experience of my life. This course should be mandatory for every adult and every child on the planet. It would change the entire world. I know for sure it’s changed mine.”

– Ryan W.

And that’s just a few testimonials out of thousands…

Now, I’ve put all the information in an online training format so you still get all the knowledge, principles, strategies and techniques the live event has.

It’s broken up into modules and delivered to you each week. This way you can practice and integrate the lessons from each session into your life before you move on to the next one.

And because it’s online, you get the luxury of completing this program from your own home. You don’t have to worry about travel, food expenses or time off, which will save you both time and money.

You can even download the lessons on your mobile device and listen from anywhere you choose… like in your car or at the gym.

Well, let me ask you, what’s a lifetime of happiness worth to you? $100? $1,000? $1,000,000? Probably more if you had it. Yes or yes?

And what’s the ability to manifest anything you want worth to you? It’s worth more than any amount of money could buy because if you could truly manifest what you want, you could manifest any amount of money you want. True or true?

So you get the drift here. This program is going to make your life better than you could ever imagine.

But alas, we have to put a dollar amount on it, so we will.

When the course is taught live, the tuition is $4,000, plus food and lodging.

But, because it’s online, not only do you save time and money, so do we, because we don’t have the heavy production costs associated with a live event.

So, the tuition for the online course, instead of $4,000, is only $1,495. And again, that’s for the same information, recorded from the very same stage I teach on.

As I mentioned before, I truly believe it’s my job to pass this rare and valuable knowledge on to others. I take that mission very seriously, and that’s why it’s very important to me, that you take this course.

So I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen!

There’s just one challenge. Even though I’m semi-retired and don’t personally teach the course live anymore, it’s still offered live in Europe and Asia.

And so to make sure we don’t take too many students away from the live event, we have to limit the number of people who enroll into the online course. Once we fill it I will close this page down. No warning. No reminders.

So I urge you to register now.

Again, because it’s so important to me that you have this blessing in your life, I’m going to do something absolutely extraordinary to help you…

Instead of the tuition being $4,000 like the live event, or even $1,495 for the online course, I will reduce the tuition by $1,200 dollars as my gift to you, and give you the entire Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life program for only $295.

Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life